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Powder metallurgy related enterprises are mainly applicable to the automotive industry, equipment manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, military industry, instrumentation, hardware tools, electronic home appliances and other fields of spare parts production and research, related raw materials, auxiliary material production, all kinds of powder preparation equipment, sintering equipment manufacturing.Products include bearings, gears, carbide cutting tools, dies, friction products and so on.In military enterprises, heavy weapons and equipment, such as armour-piercing shells, torpedoes, aircraft and tanks and other brake pairs need to be produced by powder metallurgy technology.In recent years, P/M auto parts has become the largest market for P/M industry in China. About 50% of auto parts are P/M parts.

(1) Applications :(automobiles, motorcycles, textile machinery, industrial sewing machines, power tools, hardware tools.Electrical appliances, construction machinery, etc.) all kinds of powder metallurgy (iron copper base) parts.

(2) classification: powder metallurgy porous materials, powder metallurgy anti-friction materials, powder metallurgy friction materials, powder metallurgy structural parts, powder metallurgy mold materials, and powder metallurgy electromagnetic materials and powder metallurgy high temperature materials, etc.

So.From the automobile, motorcycle parts in the whole powder metallurgy parts accounted for the proportion of the rise.You can see that.Powder metallurgical gear is in a rapid development position in the whole powder metallurgical gold parts.If according to the characteristics of parts to divide.Gear belongs to structural parts.The absolute mass of structural parts in the whole iron - based parts is far greater than that of other parts.The variety and output of powder metallurgy gear are increasing day by day, and their application scope is becoming more and more extensive.

This is due to: 1) when the gear has irregular curves, eccentricity, radial protrusions or pits: when the gear has irregular holes, keyways, flat sides, splines, square holes, taper holes;When the gear has protrusions, grooves, blind holes and pits of different depths in the axial direction.Powder metallurgy methods are easy to manufacture and require little or no mechanical processing.General powder metallurgy gear with powder metallurgy manufacturing process, only need five steps.Namely forming a sintering a heat treatment a tempering an immersion oil.Machining and manufacturing with casting and forging materials.After the car outside a circle inside a circle one or two end face, a rough milling groove, a keyway, a hobbing gear, a deburring, a heat treatment, a tempering and other ten processes.Therefore, when the powder metallurgy method is used for manufacturing.Due to the province of labor, material, high production efficiency, the use of less equipment, energy saving.Gear production costs are significantly reduced.2) when making gears by powder metallurgy method.Material utilization rate can reach more than 95%.This is because: A.Shape that can be directly formed into finished parts: B.Any waste of compaction before sintering.Can be shredded and reused.This is not possible when gears are manufactured by other machining methods.3) The reproducibility of powder metallurgy gear is very good.Because of the powder;Taijin gear is formed by mold pressing. Under normal use conditions, a mold can press tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gear compacts.Made by machining

First, the advantages of powder metallurgy process

1, can process special materials.Material powder metallurgy methods can produce refractory metals as well as compounds, pseudo alloys, and porous materials.

2, save metal, reduce costs.Because powder metallurgy can be pressed into the final size of the compaction, there is no need to use mechanical processing.The loss of metal produced this way is only 1 to 5 percent, compared with 80 percent for normal processing.

The development of powder metallurgy products

1, high quality structural parts: powder metallurgy is representative of the iron-based alloy, will be developed to large volume of precision products, high quality structural parts.

2, high performance alloy: powder metallurgy manufacturing has uniform microstructure structure, processing is difficult and completely dense high performance alloy.

3, mixed phase special alloy: powder metallurgy with enhanced densification process to manufacture general special alloy containing mixed phase composition.

4, composite parts: processing unique and non-general form or composition of composite parts.

5. Preparation of high purity materials.Powder metallurgy process in the material production process does not melt the material, it will not be mixed with other substances brought by impurities, and sintering is carried out in vacuum and reducing atmosphere, not afraid of oxidation and there will be no pollution of the material.Therefore, the purity of the product is relatively high.

6. Correctness of material distribution.Powder metallurgy method can ensure the correctness and uniformity of material composition in the proportion.

7, mass production to reduce costs.Powder metallurgy is suitable for the production of products with a large number of uniform shapes, such as gear and other products with high cost, which can greatly reduce the production cost.345


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