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Due to the superior performance and low cost of powder metallurgy materials, powder metallurgy parts are used more and more widely in the automobile, including shock absorber parts, guide, piston and low valve seat in the automobile chassis;The brake system has ABS sensor, brake pad and so on;Pump parts are mainly fuel pump, oil pump and transmission pump in the key parts;The engine has a conduit, seat ring, connecting rod, bearing seat, key components of variable valve timing system (VVT) and exhaust pipe support, etc.The transmission has synchronous hub and planetary gear frame and other parts.

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Shock Absorber

In order to accelerate the attenuation of frame and body vibration, in order to improve the ride comfort of the car (comfort), the suspension system in most cars is equipped with shock absorbers.

The shock absorber system of a car is composed of springs and shock absorbers.The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the car, but to suppress the shock of the spring rebound and absorb the energy of the road impact.The spring plays a role in mitigating the impact, the "big energy shock" into "small energy shock", and the shock absorber is to gradually reduce the "small energy shock".If you've ever driven a car with a broken shock absorber, you know how the car bounces in the aftermath of each pothole and bump that the shock absorber is designed to suppress.Without a shock absorber, the spring will not be able to control the rebound, the car will encounter rough road will have a serious bounce, the vibration of the spring will also cause the loss of tire grip and track when turning.

The Absorber is used to suppress the shock and the impact from the road surface when the spring recovers after absorbing the shock.Widely used in automobiles, in order to accelerate the vibration attenuation of the frame and body, to improve the ride comfort of the automobile.After uneven road surface, although the shock absorber spring can filter the road vibration, but the spring itself will also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump.



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