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  • Rust prevention method for iron – based powder metallurgy parts

    Fe-based powder metallurgy is a kind of efficient metal forming process, which is material saving, energy saving, no pollution and suitable for mass production.Because the iron based powder metallurgy parts are metal powder as raw materials, through the formation of pres...
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  • Powder metallurgy products used in the automotive industry

    The powder metallurgy products used in the automobile are the products with high scientific and technological content, which can reduce the weight of the automobile and reduce the manufacturing cost, and has the advantage of optimizing the automobile industry products A...
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  • The process of powder metallurgy is introduced in four steps

    The processing process of powder metallurgy is powder preparation (batching and mixing) -- pressing molding -- sintering -- post-treatment. This process is described in detail below. 1, the preparation of powder involves the preparation of materials: according to the mat...
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  • Advantages and applications of powder metallurgy products

    Powder metallurgy is the process of making metal or metal powder (or the mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as raw material, through forming and sintering, making metal materials, composite and various types of products. Advantages of powder metallurgy: 1. Pow...
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