The importance of automotive powder metallurgy in environmental environment

Powder metallurgy originated in more than 3000 BC. Powder metallurgy products are widely used, from ordinary machinery manufacturing to precision instruments; From hardware tools to large machinery; From electronics industry to motor manufacturing; From civil industry to military industry; From general technology to high technology, powder metallurgy process can be seen.

Powder metallurgy is everywhere for us.

Our Ningbo Xindi auto parts co., LTD is specialized in powder metallurgy, automotive powder metallurgy and shock absorber powder metallurgy professional production enterprises, the products have been more than ten professional production of shock absorber host manufacturers supporting, some products have been sold overseas with the main engine plant.

For powder metallurgy, the automotive side is a big user.

With the increasing use of PM in automobiles, the average car has 5kg of PM in its engine, valve seat and so on. After the engine used powder metallurgy, the temperature was lowered; And the valve seat made of powder metallurgy, under the premise of temperature reduction, the thermal conductivity is improved a lot.

Now for every family, the car has entered thousands of homes. And in the current environment of environmental protection, now the car is required to reduce fuel and emissions less, one of the most critical measures is to reduce the weight of the car. So the use of powder metallurgy in automobiles is even more necessary.

Post time: Jul-06-2021