The grand ceremony of POWDER metallurgy industry will be grandly opened in Dongguan on September 23

The annual POWDER metallurgy Technology Business Forum will usher in the 14th session this year, each session of the forum topics are exciting, the number of participants repeatedly record high (the last session of the actual number of participants more than 600 people). The FORUM has become an important platform for powder metallurgy practitioners to gather and communicate, and has developed into a large-scale event of powder metallurgy industry recognized by the industry, which has been highly praised by industry insiders.


This year is powder metallurgy technology business BBS * into the south China, south China have lots of related businesses, powder metallurgy and injection molding and the guangdong dongguan, so-called “world factory”, is one of the pearl river delta center city, as the first of “the guangdong tigers”, northwest of guangzhou, shenzhen in the south, northeast of huizhou, is an important transportation hub and foreign trade port in guangdong. Dongguan has gathered a number of high-quality enterprises covering the upper, middle and lower reaches of POWDER metallurgy, huawei, TTI, Dongguan Qunsheng and a large number of well-known enterprises are in Dongguan, in addition, there are many powder metallurgy mold, powder metallurgy automation equipment, powder metallurgy molding equipment manufacturers in Dongguan, so there is a good powder metallurgy exchange atmosphere.

This BBS will focus on powder metallurgy (PM) industry technology and market hot spots for discussion, at the same time, attention to the current injection molding (MIM) and soft magnetic materials (SMC) to import and introduction, purpose is for industry enterprises from the market and technology level to clarify development ideas, make different sizes of powder metallurgy industry enterprise we can have a new enlightenment.

In particular is a year of powder metallurgy technology business BBS’s last game — experts face to face powder metallurgy technique salon, the organizing committee will make full use of its abundant industry contacts to invite a number of industry recognized with rich practical experience in the industry experts (technical director of a number of industry leading enterprises) as a technology, Conduct face-to-face interactive questions and answers to production technology problems with participants. It is believed that many of these discussions will be of great benefit to the theoretical improvement of PM and MIM technicians and the solution of specific problems in production practice.

Forum Schedule

Post time: Sep-06-2021