powder metallurgy bearing


Because powder metallurgy is the recrystallization process of metal powder formed at high temperature, no rolling process, no metal fiber flow is formed, is a kind of non-oriented mechanical properties, therefore, the bending and shear strength of gear teeth are not as good as the traditional mechanical processing gear. Due to the processing characteristics of powder metallurgy, it can be made into oil-containing parts, forming non-lubricating parts, but the effect is still worse than oil bath lubrication, which belongs to the boundary lubrication state. There is no waste in the gear forming process, which is the best use of steel resources.

2. Machined gear

Machining gear is the process of obtaining specific structure and precision of gear by mechanical method. Gear is the core transmission part in automobile movement. Its machining quality has a direct impact on the vibration, noise and reliability of the automobile assembly and even the whole vehicle, and sometimes becomes the key factor restricting the improvement of product level. Automotive gear generally belongs to mass specialized production, cylindrical gear and bevel gear have a wide range of representative, according to different structure and precision needs to use different process combination. Due to the large investment in equipment, the choice of process mode usually fully considers the existing resources.

3, machining gear and powder metallurgy gear which process is good:

The main advantage of powder metallurgy is because it is sintered by powder materials, so since the lubrication is very good, tooth shape and all sizes can be formed, generally do not need additional processing; The disadvantage is that compared with the traditional processing gear, the strength is insufficient, can not transfer large torque, gear shape accuracy is generally in 6 ~ 9 level, size accuracy is generally the highest IT7 ~ 6 level, I do not know whether to meet your requirements.

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