PM2022 World Congress and Exhibition of Powder Metallurgy will be held in Lyon, France from October 9 to 13

PM2022 World Congress and Exhibition on Powder Metallurgy will be held at the Lyon Convention Centre (LCC), Lyon, France, from October 9 to 13, 2022. Lyon is located in the east-central part of the country, just two hours by train from Paris, and is renowned for its history and culture, making it the gastronomic capital of the world.

The World Congress of Powder Metallurgy (WPM) is held every two years and is hosted by EPMA for the first time in six years. The conference will showcase the latest developments in the global PM supply chain, and social events such as welcome reception and dinner will provide an excellent networking opportunity for the PM industry.

PM2022 PLENARY session, keynote speech, poster display will focus on all aspects of PM, including:

Powder preparation

Densification technology (pressing and sintering, metal powder injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, electric field activated sintering, additive manufacturing beam technology, additive manufacturing sintering technology, etc.)

Materials (ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lightweight materials, high temperature materials, functional materials, cemented carbide, Cermet and diamond tools, etc.)

Applications (Biomedical, Aerospace, Automotive, energy, etc.)

Improvements in POWDER metallurgy (testing and evaluation, follow-up, design and modeling, life cycle analysis, digitization, etc.)

Lesson details to query, abstract submission deadline is January 19, 2022.

PM2022 exhibition

PM2022 will be held at the same time. The exhibition hall is located in the convention center, which is convenient to enter the main conference venue. With an area of 3,700 square meters, booth sales are under way, and booth prices will increase in January 2022.

The exhibition was held in Europe in 2022 * covers all aspects of powder metallurgy and related industry exhibition, including the material manufacture, functional materials, cemented carbide and diamond tools, hot isostatic pressing, metal injection molding, new materials, technology and application, and pressing and sintering equipment, on behalf of the whole of the PM related supply chain, not to be missed!

More information about the conference can be found at

EPMA PM Essay Competition launched

The EPMA PM Essay Competition is held once a year. The competition is open to any graduate from a European university whose essay has been formally accepted or approved by the applicant’s teaching institution in the past three years. Papers must be grouped under a powder metallurgy topic and judged by an international panel of powder metallurgy experts from academia and industry. Winners will receive a prize and free registration. More information please visit

Submission deadline is April 20, 2022.

Powder metallurgy parts Award

EPMA also announces the selection of the 2022 POWDER Metallurgy Components Award. Over the years, the prize has done much to promote and stimulate interest in powder metallurgy technology. The awards are open to all PM component manufacturers. The categories for the 2020 Parts Awards include additive manufacturing, hot isostatic pressing, metal injection molding, and powder metallurgy structural parts (including carbide and diamond tool parts).

A panel of experts drawn from across Europe will judge all entries according to the following criteria:

To what extent are cost savings and/or quality improvements expected?

To what extent can further use of PM materials and technologies be anticipated?

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