Application of powder metallurgy for new energy vehicles

Some investors ask questions on the investor interactive platform: Hello, leaders!In recent years, domestic new energy vehicles have developed rapidly, such as Chang ‘an Automobile, Beiqi Blue Valley, Xiaokang shares, etc., whether the company’s automotive products have entered the new energy related domestic manufacturers?If not, is there a cut in plan?Thank you very much!

Dongmu Co., Ltd. (600114.SH) said on the investor interaction platform on May 21, Dear investors, the company’s three sectors, PM, MIM and SMC, have been applied in new energy vehicles, especially SMC has a broader application prospect (including motor), but the relevant technologies need to be breakthrough.At present, the company is developing and producing a large number of key parts for new energy vehicles, new energy communication and other fields, but it is not convenient to disclose the relevant customers, thank you for your attention!Gears (1)

Post time: Jun-22-2021