Advantages of powder metallurgy products

1, can process special materials. Materials powder metallurgy can produce refractory metals as well as compounds, pseudo-alloys, and porous materials.

2, save metal, reduce cost. Because powder metallurgy can be pressed to the final size of the billet, there is no need to use mechanical processing. The loss of metal produced in this way is only 1-5%, whereas normal processing consumes 80% of the metal.

3. Make high purity materials. Powder metallurgy process in the material production process does not melt the material, it will not be mixed with impurities brought by other substances, and sintering is carried out in vacuum and reducing atmosphere, not afraid of oxidation and will not have any pollution of the material. Therefore, the product purity is relatively high.

4. Material distribution is correct. Powder metallurgy method can ensure the accuracy and uniformity of material composition in mixing.

5, mass production to reduce costs. Powder metallurgy is suitable for the production of a large number of uniform shape products, such as gear and other expensive products, it can greatly reduce the production cost.

Post time: Sep-15-2021