Advantages and applications of powder metallurgy products

Powder metallurgy is the process of making metal or metal powder (or the mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as raw material, through forming and sintering, making metal materials, composite and various types of products.

Advantages of powder metallurgy:

1. Powder metallurgy technology can minimize the segregation of alloy components and eliminate the thick, uneven casting structure.

2. It can easily realize multiple types of composites and give full play to the respective characteristics of each component material. It is a low-cost process technology for the production of high-performance metal base and ceramic composites.

3. Net near forming and automated mass production can be realized, thus effectively reducing the consumption of resources and energy in production.

4. It can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scales and recycling scrap metal as raw materials. It is a new technology that can effectively carry out material regeneration and comprehensive utilization.

5. It can produce materials and products with special structure and properties that cannot be produced by ordinary melting method.

Powder metallurgy products are widely used, from ordinary machinery manufacturing to precision instruments;From hardware tools to large mechanical cemented carbide mechanical forming machines;From electronics industry to motor manufacturing;From civil industry to military industry;From general technology to advanced technology, powder metallurgy process can be seen.

The above is about the related characteristics and uses of powder metallurgy products, I hope this information can help you to understand the powder metallurgy products.

Post time: Mar-10-2021

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