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About Us

Ning Bo Xuanyi Machinery Co., Ltd. Is specialized in more than 10 years of powder metallurgy, is specializing in the production of iron base, the mechanical structure of the stainless steel high performance, high precision, low noise oil bearing copper base products production-oriented enterprises, the products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, electric tools, office equipment, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, sewing machines, micro motor and various instrumentation and other industries.Convenient transportation.

The company has domestic advanced production equipment, professional staff, established a special chemical (measurement) room, equipped with a full set of testing equipment, such as three coordinate, optical imaging device, Blowell hardness tester, digital vickers hardness machine, metallographic microscope, and strengthen quality management, conforms to the eu market and the state environmental protection policy, to ensure that the quality of the production laid a solid foundation.

Introduced from Japan and the most advanced domestic powder metallurgy molding equipment of 6 tons to 500 tons;Mesh belt type continuous sintering electric furnace 18 inch 2, 24 inch 1;Half ton, 1 ton mixer each 1;1 steam blackening furnace;Mold processing gold cutting machine tools, CNC machine tools, all kinds of imported from Japan, Switzerland more than 20 sets of electric processing machine tools, with independent self-made powder metallurgy mold ability;Up to now, we have produced more than 1500 kinds of powder metallurgy parts of various models, including structural parts and gear parts with complex geometrical shape, high mechanical and physical properties and precision requirements.70% of the company's products are matched with domestic and foreign machinery parts manufacturers, 70% of the related products are directly exported to Germany, Iran, South Korea, Tunisia, Pakistan, Spain, Japan and other countries and regions.The company has an annual output of 3500 tons, about 85 million pieces of powder metallurgy products capacity.

微信图片_20210603095500微信图片_20210603095507The enterprise has advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel and strict quality management system, in line with the principle of good faith management to provide customers with quality services.Creating value for customers is the goal we have been pursuing, we firmly believe that only win-win is the development direction of the enterprise, we will, as always in strict accordance with customer requirements, produce high-quality products, in return for customer support and trust!

We believe that our good faith will return the favor of the market!

We believe that our products will stand out in quality!